Crying Boomers

Crying Boomers is possibly a podcast that will humanize and contextualize modern art, with a focus on the postwar era. Crying Boomers is currently in development between Terp Vairin and Amy-Elizabeth Manlapas, with a tentative launch date of late 2018.

We want to hear from you! Is there something about modern art you want to know? Something you hate? Do you hate it all in general? Is there a particular piece you saw and you want to know why it belongs in a museum or taking up public space? Is there a piece or artist that you like that you think should get more credit? Do you generally just have an opinion you'd like us to know? Fill out our survey and help us produce content relevant to your interests.

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Your very general opinions on modern art produced roughly between 1910 and 1980.
I know a piece of modern art when I see one.
When I am looking at a piece of modern art, I understand what is being communicated (what it's about) even if I don't know the artist.
I believe artwork should be appealing and understandable even without knowledge of the artist that created it or its historical context.
I believe modern art is or can be as beautiful, important, or valuable as work produced by renaissance masters or other well known representational works. (Is a splatter painting by Jackson Pollock anywhere near as beautiful or important as a painting by Da Vinci?)
Is there a piece of modern art or a particular artist that you have strong feelings about? Is there a piece you've seen in public or a museum that stood out to you? Please give us as much identifying information about the piece as possible (Artist, title, when and where you saw it, medium, etc) and what you think about it.
I prefer my podcasts to be:
I prefer when podcasts
What are some other podcasts you like and regularly listen to? How do you get your podcasts? Do you have any other suggestions or feedback?
Do you have any artists you'd like us to highlight or anything in particular you'd like us to cover that felt out of place in the above survey?