Maker Faire 2017: The Vulture Experience


The Vulture Experience.
Fabric, cardboard, paper, sound, polyfill, paper, ink, linocut
MakerFaire, October 22nd, 2017, Atlanta Georgia

A collaboration with Julia Hill, who created the vulture puppets and the skin and bones on the bear. 
Bear is 3x5 feet, Puppets are roughly 5 feel tall, accompanying 18x24 signage and audio track. 

This experience was created for Maker Faire 2017 to teach viewers about anatomy and carrion eaters. There was a track of vulture sounds playing which drew people in and helped break the hesitance to interact with Bearnard, our bear, and people were invited to puppeteer vultures for the full experience.  Almost all the kids had an initial fear or hesitancy, but worked through it and came to joyful interactions with the piece and a new appreciation of vultures.

After the experience participants were invited to print their own linocut vulture postcard as a memento.